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  •  Solar Project Services   - Rhinosolar
  •  Solar Project Services   - Rhinosolar
  •  Solar Project Services   - Rhinosolar

Address: Pitman House - Milimani Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 722 509291


 Solar Project Services   - Rhinosolar

Phone Number

+254 722 509291

Solar Project Services

Solar Project Services

The Rhino Solar Smart Solutions Team has established a local service capability in all major project markets around the world, including the Kenya, Gana, Tanzania, Moldova, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Ukraine.

Combining our global service network with strong in-house capabilities located in regional Solutions Service Centers in Düsseldorf (Europe), Istanbul (Turkey) and Nairobi (Kenya), the Rhino Solar Smart Solutions Team provides services covering every phase of the project lifecycle. Project services are categorized and independently presented to partners according to the specific needs of each partner category.

General Solar Project Services Include

  • Solar business consultation
  • Industry and company news subscription 
  • Smart energy solutions services portfolio introduction and recommendations
  • Project acquisition or co-development
  • Project preliminary design
  • Project financial projections and analysis
  • Project financing solutions proposal
  • Project EPC quotation development
  • Project O&M quotation development
  • Offtaker introduction 
  • Other services as needed


Services Covering the Entire Project Lifecycle

Project Consultation

  • Solar business introduction and consultation
  • Solar business information subscription
  • Solar project investment consultation


Project Development Service

  • Project planning introduction and consultation
  • Project development analysis and evaluation
  • Project permitting and approval assistance
  • Project technical consultation
  • Project rights acquisition
  • Project co-development cooperation
  • Preliminary project design
  • Land rights acquisition assistance
  • Environmental authorization
  • Proof of rezoning application
  • Grid-connection agreement
  • Civil aviation authorization letter
  • Department of Water Affairs non-binding letter of commitment
  • Heritage association letter of no objection
  • Mining Department
  • Department of Agriculture authorization
  • Feasibility study
  • Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) with Offtaker Investor


Project Finance & Investment 

  • Project financing introduction and consultation
  • Project financing solutions proposal
  • Project financials projection and analysis
  • SPV investment cooperation
  • Global financial resources connection and recommendations
  • Offtaker introduction and recommendations
  • Global project pipeline access and recommendations
  • Single project due diligence and specific project or investment opportunity presentation
  • Reference database access and recommendation


Project EPC Service

  • Project design and engineering
  • Blueprint designing and SOW
  • System components resourcing and delivery
  • Construction and construction management
  • Building preparation
  • Grounds preparation
  • Construction work
  • Plant substructure
  • Acceptance of construction work
  • Compensation measures
  • Grid connection assistance and commissioning


Project O&M Service

  • Project operation monitoring
  • Project full-time supervision
  • Project preventive maintenance
  • Project corrective maintenance
  • Management of maintenance contracts
  • Visual inspections
  • System performance testing
  • Emergency response
  • Financial and energy reports
  • On-going support and consulting services
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Corrective/reactive maintenance
  • Performance evaluation and optimization
  • Project operation diagnosis